Bath Rooms, ceramics, air conditioning, swimming pools.

About Sanicalor

Company founded in the year 1969, dedicated, principally, to the distribution, sale of sanitary ware, bathroom fittings, ceramics, air conditioning, plumbing, swimming pools, etc. A the long thing of more than forty years, Sanicalor, has been developing its activity, principally in the Balearic Islands, incorporating into its wide range the innovative products with the most advanced technology and the most avant-garde design. 

Our main satisfaction is to be able to be the connection bridge, between a wide range of providers, selected with criteria of innovation and design, and the clients who are necessary technical and efficient solutions, with the target to promote and to maintain the quality like basic element of the culture of service, contributing to the maintenance of the sostenibility. 

We are expert, between others, in the equipment and maintenance of hotel facilities, in the construction and equipment of swimming pools, in the equipment and the integral reform of the bathroom, and in the maintenance of facilities of air conditioning and acs, contributing extra cost to its properties.

The group Sanicalor develops its activity in the whole Spanish territory and counts with qualified professionals, what allows us to realize projects of high quality and big productivity with the pussy-cats costs. The quality and the respect to the needs of our clients are an unavoidable commitment and our main assets. We would like to be able to be useful in its needs.


Sanicalor Grupo


Company belonging to the group Sanicalor, whose activity is so much to the ambience of the distribution and sale of sanitary ware, ceramics, air conditioning, swimming pools, spas, saunas, solar energy … as to the hotel sector realizing all kinds of mechanical and hydraulic facilities as plumbing, sanitation air conditioning, renewable energies, counterfires, gas, petroleum products, as well as the MAINTENANCE of AIR CONDITIONING AND ACS in hotel establishments, sports center complexes and industrial and commercial buildings.


Across the company TECNOSPORT, the group Sanicalor, the sports facilities it develops its activity enel ámbitode; Swimming pools, Spas, Wellness, Tennis, Squas, Paddel and all kinds of pavings for sports center complexes.

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